- Equinology EQ100 Equine Body Worker (EEBW)

- Equinology EQ50 Equine Anatomy

​- Equinology EQ1500 Equine First Aid

- ESNZ Candidate National Course Designer

- Certificate in Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing

Welcome to EquiHealthNZ

EquiHealthNZ is a culmination of a lifetime with horses and a desire to learn as much as I can about equine health. Studying with Equinology Inc has given me the opportunity to focus on body work to help people get the best they can from their equine partners.

- International Equine Body Workers Association (IEBWA) pending

- Equestrian Sports New Zealand, Official and Rider

Equestrian Experience
- 25+ years riding experience: show jumping & show jumping course designing, showing, eventing, dressage, teams events, pony club, games, side saddle, trick riding, mounted archery and medieval skill-at-arms.

- Coaching young riders and schooling horses.

- Grooming for Joe Meyer (olympic eventer) in the UK, including schooling horses, feeding, competition grooming and day-to-day care.

- Head of the riding programme at Douglas Ranch Camp, California. Managing a team of horses, planning riding programmes, instructing children and managing other instructors and staff.

- Member of ‘Order of the Boar’ medieval equestrian re-enactment and display group including weapons training

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- Riding workshop and Fight for Camera workshop with NZ Stunt School.